Touching Lives Overseas (TLO)
A Canadian Registered Charitable Organization (811129824RR0001)
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About Touching Lives Overseas
"To overcome ignorance, we must address poverty first. The stumbling block of poverty has to be overcome in the path of education."
Twentieth century Chinese educator - Yan Yang
Touching Lives Overseas Canada (TLO)

TLO, founded in 2010, is a registered Canadian charitable organization recognized by the Government of Canada (registration #: 811129824RR0001).

TLO’s goal is to provide well rounded education and health care to impoverished children in the poor rural areas of China. TLO strives to create opportunities for the children to achieve their fullest potential, develop the building blocks of a good character, and improve their lives.

The Directors, who are unpaid volunteers, manage the activities of TLO. TLO does not have salaried employees and the operating costs are very low. TLO maximizes every donation dollar to improve the children’s education, health care and of life quality.

TLO members have visited Bo Ai school to teach English and help with other school programs.

Focus - Shanxi Education - Bo Ai School

TLO works together with our sister organization in the US (OHH) and Hong Kong (BAFL). As a team we focus our energy and resources to give the children from the village of Qinyuan County, in Shanxi Province the opportunity to obtain a better education and the benefits that comes from it for themselves, the community and their families.

Future Mandate
  1. To improve Bo Ai Elementary School’s existing campus facilities.
    1. Build a Language Lab with the aim to improve both individual and class language (mainly English) skills in – reading, speaking, listening, writing and communication,
    2. Install energy efficient windows and doors,
    3. Improve classroom lighting, and
    4. Upgrade kindergarten environment
  2. To organize volunteer teams to teach in Bo Ai School.
  3. To improve teaching standards and provide further training for teachers.
    1. TLO will organize continuing education seminars for the Bo Ai School teachers by Canadian education leaders/professionals.
    2. Sponsor Bo Ai school teachers to Canada for further training.
  4. To raise the funds necessary for the construction of the building and school facilities of Bo Ai Middle School.
Bo Ai Middle School Mission

To ensure our elementary school graduates can continue to receive the education and character development essential to be good citizens who value their country, families, others and themselves.

The government has recognized the high quality of the elementary school, and has granted the land to Bo Ai to build the middle school. The middle school will be built behind the present elementary school, and the project will start in 2011 and target completion in 2013.

TLO Founding Members

Ida Fok (President)

Amy Ng (Vice President-Administration)

Eva Chung (Vice President-Education)

Vivien Wong (Treasurer)

Grace Kwan (Secretary)

Christine Chan (Director)

Sam Leung (Acting Vice President-Administration)

Ivan Fok

Victor Wong

Corporate Sponsors

Kwik Kopy Design & Print Centre, Hamilton

Mojo Music, Oakville

TLO Contact

You are welcome to contact us. All personal information is kept confidential.

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    Touching Lives Overseas
    P.O. Box 38528
    3299 Bayview Avenue
    North York, Ontario
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