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"As long as we can help the children to find hope, it is worth every effort."
- Mrs. Christine Chan
Overseas Helping Hands USA (OHH)

Dr. Patrick Chan and his wife Mrs. Christine Chan live in Portland, Oregon, USA. In 1999, through a providential visit to Shanxi, they were introduced to a very impoverished village in the Qinyuan County. They were deeply moved and saddened by the poor living conditions of the villagers. They started several programs that were completed to improve the lives of the children and the farmers of Qinyuan County.

Christine Chan’s dream has always been to help others with her limited resources and efforts. She has every wish to ensure that all children should have the opportunity to complete their basic education and help them get the right track of success or even to change their fate. She believes that we come into this world to learn to do good deeds towards others, so that when it comes time for us to leave this world we would have no regrets and we will leave behind many happy and fond memories to our families and friends. Christine said: “In all these years, I have continued to pray for the children in China. Today, I have an opportunity to build a school in Qinyuan County. I believe this is because God has answered my prayer. God has brought me here to see to the needs of the children.

In 1999, Christine, her husband and some good friends set up Overseas Helping Hands USA (OHH), a non-profit organization in USA. They started the fund-raising with donations from themselves, friends, families, community and churches. They have raised the US$ 400,000 necessary to build the school. In the ensuing six years Christine spent most of her time and energy in Shanxi working with all levels of government to plan, design and construct the school. The school opened its doors in 2005.

United States Overseas Helping Hands website:

Hong Kong Bo Ai Foundation

In 2006, Christine Chan shared her experience and vision of Bo Ai school with a group of people in Hong Kong. They were all moved by her love, courage and selfless efforts to improve other people’s lives. Subsequently, Bo Ai Foundation Limited (BAFL) of Hong Kong, a non-profit organization, was formed to support Christine’s works. In 2009, it provided funds for the building of an additional floor to the elementary school’s educational building, to the student dormitory building and to the teacher dormitory building.

Dr. Lau, a BAFL founder, is part of the dental team from Hong Kong that deliver much needed dental care to the students and the villagers of Qinyuan. They also teach English, and health fundamentals in the school. The students are always genuinely sad to see them leave. Dr. Lau said: “This is a special school. Christine has really put all she has into the education of the students not just in learning but also in transforming them into good persons. I am moved by her efforts and I am sure there is hope for these villages. I am going to continue to encourage others to support this noble effort.”

Hong Kong Bo Ai Foundation website:

University of Toronto BoAi Foundation

In 2008, a group of University of Toronto students spent a week in Bo Ai school and University of Toronto BoAi Foundation was formed. The foundation’s purpose is to further the potential of children in rural China by way of raising money to support their educational endeavours. They aim to contribute funds to construct a middle school for these children – many of whom would, otherwise, not have any other viable option to pursue further academic aspirations. Their members are of varied ethnicities, religions, and races. Their first and foremost value is love, a love that compels one towards a compassionate and action-oriented mindset to help those who have no means of reciprocating such generosity.

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